Now a day’s Entrepreneurs wants to develop mobile application for some good reasons

  • Applications are in high demand
  • It’s easy to break into application market
  • Return on investment is huge

Creating a mobile application starts with one amazing idea. To develop that idea you must understand what is going to affect you.

Five Most Important Things

  • How much it going to cost?

Making an app is not a cheaper thing. To make a basic application will cost you around $5K-$10K. In this app some basic features you can add no graphics no other eye catchy things. If you want 3D graphics in your app it may cost you $30K-$50K. If you want 3D graphics with HD quality it may cost you around $250K.

  • How to decide on which platform you want to develop your Application?

If you want to target mass then you should go with the iPhone and the android. These are the best platform to target the mass. The size of sales is important, but not always the ultimate thing. The end user has to be given priority over everything else. So put your potential consumer’s needs first.

  • Which team to select?

To develop a mobile application you need knowledge and skill of programmers as well as web designer. You need pay them big bucks for their expertise. So it is very important to give time in choosing the team for development.

  • Beta Test

Before releasing an application to the world you need to sure be bug free and will run as per the user’s expectation. The best way to do this is to run it in beta mode and offer it to people who are willing to give you regular feedback that you can use to make necessary adjustments.

  • What you should charge?

Users like to use free application but we consider that $1.99 can be a premium price to offer. There is no formula to decide your price for the application. It is good to start at initial price and then drop price by giving special promotions. This will affect your revenue in positive manner.

We as a Mobile App Development company always consider this factors and provide all the support till your app goes live on the store. If you have any queries write below in the comment part or send us the mail on



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