MongoDB and MySQL both are very useful and the differences in their basic operations and initial approach. Both are open-source and easily available.

MySQL is a open-source relational database management system that is developed and supported by Oracle Corporation. MongoDB is document oriented an open-source database developed by MongoDB, Inc…

Product development is among the most important processes within a business that affects its long-term sustainability. A company that brings innovative products to the market is likely to have a competitive advantage that boosts its growth. To develop new products, the foremost thing that a business needs to carry out…

Here is the least of basic functionality one need, based on each page when he wants to launch a website like Flipkart:

  1. Home Page

The development of Home page will have below details:-

  • The header will have Logo on the top left corner
  • Search Box with search for products, brands…

Definition of Blockchain

While blockchain appears to be complicated, and it can be, its core concept is actually easy. Blockchain is shared, immutable ledger which store information in a way that makes it nearly impossible to alter or modify. We can consider blockchain as a digital ledger which records the number of transactions…

What is block chain wallet?

Block chain wallet is a program that allows monitoring and conducting crypto currency between two wallet addresses which can be accessed using private and public key. Both key will be in Hash format. A hash is a string of numbers and letters, produced by hash functions.

Transactions are being recorded…

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Dave Chirag represents Vibidsoft, a Web and Mobile Application development company providing enterprise IT solutions comprising the full range of services

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