Features of MaterializeCSS Framework

  • MaterializeCSS is standard 12 column responsive grid system. So you can easily integrated layout in your custom design.
  • MaterializeCSS Provides inbuilt Different type of JavaScript Effects so you can easily design website like android apps.
  • MaterializeCSS Provide darken & lighten classes in css Color schemes for fonts and HTML elements.
  • MaterializeCSS Provides Awesome & easy HTML forms validations and also compatible to all of browsers.
  • MaterializeCSS Provides different sizes & colors icons.
  • Easy to start website and hybrid mobile apps by just including two files containing CSS & JavaScript etc.

Advantages of MaterializeCSS Framework

  • Speeds up Development
  • Amusing User Experience and Interactions
  • Easy to Code and Develop Loaders which are now easy to integrate.
  • Efficient color code with Material Design
  • Easy To Integrate Form validation & animation Effects
  • Compatibility with all web browsers
  • Is Open-source Framework and Easy to work
  • Lots of color palette
  • Easily Integrate All Different Type Of JavaScript plug-in

Materialize CSS Components

1. Container

2. Grid

3. Helper Classes

4. Media Classes

5. Shadow Effects

MaterializeCSS Framework Default Components

1. Badges

2. Buttons

3. Breadcrumbs

4. Cards

5. Chips

6. Collections

7. Footer

8. Forms

9. Icons

10. Navbar

11. Pagination

12. Preloader

MaterializeCSS Framework Default Components

  • Carousel
  • Collapsible
  • Dialogs
  • Dropdown
  • Media
  • Modals
  • Parallax
  • Pushpin
  • ScrollFire
  • Scrollspy
  • SideNav
  • Tabs
  • Transitions
  • Waves



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