Now it’s time to move from web based learning system to mobile based learning system.

1. Custom eLearning Mobile App

VIBIDSOFT is able to develop customized eLearning mobile app for different platform like Android, iOS and Windows. Customized eLearning mobile app gives end user easy flow to access mobile app. We made an app in such a way that user has to enter his username/password to access mobile app. There is nothing confusing flow like register site URL to access app. We allow only single site to mobile app so user will be within your own Mobile App.

2. eLearning Mobile App Registration Page Customization

VIBIDSOFT has developed mobile app which required inputs from the user at the time of registration. We developed signup form which capture necessary data and pass to database so information later can be used for different purposes. We customized sign up page in such a way that user do not have to access his mailbox for typical email based registration. Once user completes his registration he can access mobile app which has free and paid content available for review.

3. Device based Mobile App access feature to prevent Unauthorized Access

We developed mobile app in such a way that one user can access mobile app on single device. If user will try to access his mobile application from different device, system will not allow him to login to that device. User must have to use his own device. We developed this logic to prevent access of paid content from different device.

4. Access Offline video from Mobile App for Learning in Remote Area

Education in rural area is very difficult for students. There are very less number of teachers who can teach students in proper manner. So our client developed different video based learning series. We allow student to access this video using the eLearning mobile app. We allow student to download video from the our server and student can access that video without any kind of internet. Once student Is done with chapter they can delete it and download new video for next chapter.

5. Custom Payment Gateway Implementation in eLearning Mobile App

We are providing free as well as paid content in our mobile application. We allow user to purchase course and self enrollment after the successful purchase. We implemented CCAvenue local payment gateway in eLearning mobile application for course purchase. It will automate the process of course enrollment for students.

6. Customization of core functionality like Delete Offline Resources

Customization in existing open source is never easy job to perform. Our smart and experienced team of developers had achieved it using advanced knowledge of IONIC and Angular. Our main challenge was to remove already reviewed video from storage. We are providing user to delete offline resource from the course section level. So he can manage all resources from course detailed screen.

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