So, let us discuss why XD instead of Photoshop?

  • XD is vector based, while Photoshop is raster based. So, while designing it would be easier to draw shapes using vector pencil
  • Both XD and Photoshop use layers.
  • Image editing is done using Photoshop, while XD is only meant for UI/UX.
  • XD provides the Repeat Grid feature, where it will replicate the exact design as many times you want. In Photoshop, there’s nothing like these.
  • XD also provides prototyping, we can connect the artboards with each other and we can also give the transition effect to the artboards so it gives a real-time scenario on how the design will actually look like. In Photoshop ou would need 3rd party prototyping tools.
  • While Photoshop does not provide such features. So, it becomes a lot easier with XD prototyping. XD provides all the basic tools as photoshop which are required for Website designing and more than that.
  • In XD, we can publish a prototype to have a better look and idea of the design and it can be shared with people




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Chirag Dave

Chirag Dave

Dave Chirag represents Vibidsoft, a Web and Mobile Application development company providing enterprise IT solutions comprising the full range of services